This is a list of papers that include detailed descriptions of code features. When you write a paper using ProDiMo, we note that citing the first paper is usually not enough. Please clarify which code features you are using and consequently cite all the articles that explain those features.

  • Main/first ProDiMo paper with the description of the overall structure and the main features.
    Woitke, P.; Kamp, I.; Thi, W.-F. (2009) ADS
  • Continuum Images and Spectral Energy Distributions
    Thi, W.-F.; Woitke, P.; Kamp, I. (2011) ADS
  • Several new features: Fixed disk structure, Dust size distribution and settling, PAH ionisation equilibrium and PAH-heating, Fluorescent UV-pumping, [OI] 6300 Å -pumping by OH photo-dissociation, H2-pumping by its formation on dust surfaces, Line transfer, Chemical Heating
    Woitke, P.; Riaz, B.; Duchêne, G. et al. (2011) ADS
  • X-ray chemistry and heating
    Meijerink, R.; Aresu, G.; Kamp, I. et al. (2012) ADS
  • CO ro-vibrational line excitation.
    Thi, W. F.; Kamp, I.; Woitke, P. et al. (2013) ADS
  • Dust settling, PAH radiative transfer, dust opacities (distributed hollow spheres).
    Woitke, P.; Min, M.; Pinte, C. et al. (2016) ADS
  • Standard chemical networks and special chemical reactions/rates used in ProDiMo.
    Kamp, I.; Thi, W.-F.; Woitke, P. et al. (2017) ADS
  • Stellar energetic particle ionization.
    Rab, Ch.; Güdel, M.; Padovani, M. et al. (2017) ADS
  • 2D disk plus envelope structure (Class I).
    Rab, Ch.; Elbakyan, V.; Vorobyov, E. et al. (2017) ADS
  • X-ray radiative transfer including scattering, dust and X-ray background fields.
    Rab, Ch.; Güdel, M.; Woitke, P. et al. (2018) ADS
  • Dust and PAH charging. MRI-driven turbulence prescription.
    Thi, W.-F.; Lesur, G.; Woitke, P. et al. (2019) ADS
  • Surface chemistry, H2-formation, photolysis.
    Thi, W.-F.; Hocuk, S.; Kamp, I. et al. (2020a) ADS and
    Thi, W.-F.; Hocuk, S.; Kamp, I. et al. (2020b) ADS and
    Rocha, W., Woitke, P.; Pilling, S. et al. (2022), ADS
  • Position-dependent Ice opacities.
    Arabhavi, A. M., Woitke, P., Cazaux, S., Kamp, I., Rab, Ch., Thi, W.-F. (2022)
    -> ADS
  • Dust radiative transfer with viscous heating.
    Oberg, N; Kamp, I; Woitke, P, et al. (2022) -> ADS
  • New escape probability, new dust settling, new setup for molecular shielding, improved HITRAN line selection 
    Woitke, P.; Thi, W. -F.; Arabhavi, A. M. et al. (2023) ADS
  • Overview of ProDiMo development and applications 2009-2023
    Woitke, P., Habilitationsschrift (2023) ADS