ProDiMo v2.0.0 14.04.2022

This first official ProDiMo release v2.0.0 is out.

new default features

New features and improvements that are activated by default and hence might change results for older models. Those are switched on by default as it is an improvement. For backward compatibility, they can also be switched off again (see the links to the documentation).

  • diffusion approximation for dust radiative transfer (doc): improves the radiative transfer and dust temperature determination in the optically thick midplane of the disk by using the diffusion approximation.

  • new photo cross-sections for the chemistry (doc): using new photo cross-sections for photoreactions in the chemistry. However, only small differences are expected compared to the previously used cross-sections.

  • N2 self-shielding activated by default (doc): Self-shielding of N2. Significantly affects species such as N2H+, including the line flux.

  • Fixed some UMIST2012 reactions (history) Fixed reaction 5990: the products should be N+ and H, not N and H+. Fixed the CRPHOT reactions for He and N (Reactions: 928,932). Those fixes affect the chemical abundances, but our tests indicate that the changes are not significant.

new features (optional)

  • 1D input interface (doc): option to provide input for the gas and dust structure as a function of radius.

  • self-consistent model with ice-opacities (doc): include ice-opacities in the radiative transfer. This is done consistently with the chemistry. Also allows to produce synthetic observables for ice features.

  • images and spectral line cubes in fits format (doc): use fits format for observables such as continuum images or spectral line cubes. Can be easily used in e.g. CASA

  • Improvements for the chemical solver: More stability and better performance for more complex chemical networks Possible options: use quadrupole precision, treat electrons as species ...

    TODO: is there already a wiki page for that

  • grain surface chemistry doc): option to include dust surface chemistry; requires also special chemical networks). This is still an experimental feature.

    TODO: is the documentation up-to-date

  • chemical equilibrium computation: GGchem (used in phyllosilicate paper)

    TODO: some description, is there documentation?

  • new cooling lines: CF+, H13CO+

    TODO: do we know which ones are new

  • PAH/dust charge chemistry

    TODO: Reference to the paper TODO: is there a species wiki page

  • simple grain charging and MRI viscous heating